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Dancing Abroad (Set) & Demonstration

Luna Li's Dancing Abroad (Set)

"Dancing Abroad"

My first composition "Dancing Abroad" started from 2011 and finished in 2012. It was for one of my best friends Gordon's Christmas Dance Parties at the Lands of Loyal.


The 2nd song "Memory" was a song I composed on the piano in Spring 2013 and have used for a story I was writing in Christmas 2014 "The Peacock Pearl".

"The Wind"

The 3rd song "The Wind" was a song I composed on the piano in Summer 2015 inspired by "The Peacock Pearl".

"Bygone days"

The 4th song "Bygone days" I composed on the piano while visiting Scotland and remembering the times I had spent there. (2013)

The Creative Work Process

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Improvisation

    Meditation with inspiration, then do some improvisations.

  • 2. Cut & Polish

    OPT for the favorite piece from the improvisations, and start to polishing.

  • 3. Composition

    The polished pieces come out, test lively with feedbacks, may polish again.

  • 4. Select & Release

    With professional designs & publish the choosen music by CD/record.

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    Shao Qing Li :

    Professional Musician & GuZheng Teacher
    Luna Li

    Luna Li Performing on the GuZheng

    Luna Li

    Shaoqing Li is Known as Luna Li, 李少清, 月亮 as a Professional Zheng 箏 Musician, Composer, Arranger.

    Professional Musician

    Luna Li Composes Music and Also Plays The Zheng 箏 & Piano with SIC Band.

    箏 Music Tutor

    Luna Li Teaches The Zheng 箏 Musical Instrument in Dundee & Also Does Zheng 箏 Online Course.

    Chinese Calligrapher

    Luna Li a Professional Chinese Calligrapher Artist & Also Teach the Chinese Language in UK.

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