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[Cover] Music Video - Barbie Girl - Instrumental played on the Zheng / Koto - by Luna Li

Barbie Girl instrumental played on the Zheng 

👯‍♀️ - by Luna Li

> "Barbie Girl" played on the Zheng
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"Barbie Girl" instrumental - played on the Zheng - by Luna Li

About the song:
Hi, This is Luna Li. Talking about this cover "Barbie Girl" song on my Zheng, it started from a trip to cinema.
It's just like people described that the cinema film "Barbie is a delightful and refreshing fantasy comedy that subverts the expectations of its iconic source material."
We went to a club together with a friend while she came to visited us in Dundee, she highly recommended us to watch the film “Barbie” (2023), so we did, simply. Two weeks later, I went to the cinema with my family and watched the Barbie - I was not disappointed, it does felt enchanted and spellbound. I was transported into a world of imagination and wonder within a minute in this movie.
Though I wasn't growing up with a Barbie doll, but I always really liked it when I saw one.
Watch this film was a very nice treat after the intensity work. There were quite a few music in the film, I thought I would try to learn and play one of it, I thought it might be a good start but I barely do covers before, and I should try more covers since it's a good way to enjoy the music journey and get people to recognise the music!
Only ...

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