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[Original] The Middle - Song by Luna Li and Rohan Keir

"The Middle" Lyrics!

This Album will be Available on
  Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music ... etc. in May 2023!

The Middle - Lyrics 
Composer & Lyrics: Luna Li 
Drums: Rohan Keir
mm mm mm mm mm,
mm mm mm mm mm......

My memory flowing to the past
with you
that olden days
We were in love


the love we shared was short and sweet

in the middle
why happiness always feels so short
it was special time with you

my instinct telling me the danger
it shapeshifting to a creature grew in the dark
you start transforming to ...
I knew my story yet to be told
... a strange blue eyed thing of the night
shadow appears from the dark
just before leaving you
I saw your agony burst
in the middle of the wasteland

Remember, I keeping my words
One day, I'll lift your curse

According to my language, the lyrics were wrote by English & Chinese.
Again, really grateful to Rohan who helped me with the percussion part! 
I do really need help with such style of drumming! Because I'm not good at it. :D


"The Middle" 

 This song was composed by Luna Li (the SQLuna Artist) in 2022, Performed By Luna Li & Rohan Keir at 2023
Tell me about how this composition "The Middle".

Hi, I'm Luna Li. Thanks to SQLuna Music for asking the question.
It is a love song I made, the characters had a very complicated background. It was a side effect from a two-gods gamble game 1,000 years ago.
He was a cold assassin believed his emperor, he saved a fox fairy while he was carrying out his mission once. He was betrayed by the emperor and encountered a demon in cursed desert almost killed later on, and saved by the fox fairy... The story begins...
This song "The middle" is one of the song I composed for this story in an Album that I'm currently working on.

My 2023 first album!
Thanks a lot to Rohan who has created the drum set for my song. And I absolutely love the drum atmosphere he has built in this music. It was very nice to work with Rohan Keir. He is a brilliant drummer!🙋

Also credit to my friend James Simpson who helped me with parts of the English lyrics! 😉
Though this song took me a little while to finish, it's very inspiring for me to work with friends! :)
I'll keep composing music. 💓

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