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[Original] Haunted November (Instrumental Version) - by Luna Li

Haunted November - Instrumental Version 👹
- Luna Li Original

Tell me anything about how this composition "Haunted November" processed.

Hi, I'm Luna Li. Thanks for SQLuna Music place to put this.
Simple answer is:
I knew I'd compose a song for the spooky season. At the time, there were many things are impacting me, then I watched a Korean movie called "Hellbound", it helped me really get the song out fast.

Talking about my initial idea of composing this song was an inspiration I got from watching a Korean film called "Hellbound" back to 30th August 2023.
At the time, I knew I'd compose a song for the spooky season. At the time, there were many things are impacting me, and I really wanted to spit my feeling out.
Then I watched this film. At the start, "Hellbound" didn’t make much sense to me, even a little weird. More and more my eyes seeing the places around the world that is happening or happened, I started to precipitating the stories, and it made me awake. The things that were happened and are still happening in the world are insane, I couldn't even able to imagine how and why that those are still happening in the 21 century!
Almost like ridiculous, and they are total weird logics in those humans' minds, yet start to making sense to me. - Some humans are acted as pure demons and evils while they believing what they done were the most holy pure actions at the same time. More like tool creatures who often feel they are unique, but actually in huge pain and are manipulated by their "gods".
And this film has shown one reason that how these happens... The concept in humans' minds are very different...
The film "Hellbound" is an art, so, without an exception it exaggerated, by abnormal human nature imaginations, figurative religious metaphor, it shows some humans' world problems.
An extreme power is just like a religion. And when it contains "selfishness", some people call it "cult".
The film did give a little "kind ending" to comfort us that the beloved monster tools can be eventually awake once they can actually see the lies of those "religion"...
What is the reality... I don't know... The poor "evil monster tool creatures" are just possessed by an authority(s) that are truely lying and killing them...
Anyway, come back to the music. That depression developed from this film was strong, the feeling was intense. So, the song didn't take that long to compose.
But, I did let this song sitted there for a few months before put the final Zheng notes and releasing it.
That's just a hope that those been turned into "evil monster tool creatures" can finally come back, by finding out the lies which are super complicated and planned at the end.

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