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SQLuna Royalty Free Music List

SQLuna Royalty Free Music List

05/07/2023 Updated

1. You are welcome to use any music from SQLuna Royalty Free Music Label List under CC BY 4.0.

2. Be sure to Attribute "SQLuna Music" while you're using the SQLuna Royalty Free Music.

3. If you can Not or do Not wish to Attribute "SQLuna Music", you must Purchase a License.

The SQLuna Royalty Free Music Label Music are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).
Creative Commons License

SQLuna Royalty Free Music List:
  1. The Middle (Song)  -  Download
  2. The Middle (Instrumental)  -  Download
  3. A Journey Towards My Dreams  -  Download
  4. The Story Begins (Instrumental)  -  Download
  5. A Lost Map of A Heaven (Instrumental)  -  Download
  6. The Night (Demo)  -  Download
  7. Dancing Abroad (Mixed Demo)  -  Download
  8. Dancing Abroad (Acoustic)  -  Download

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SQLuna create royalty-free music for animations, creators, films, games, organisation, etc...   Everyone is welcome to use SQLuna Royalty-Free Music under SQLuna Music Policy - (CC BY 4.0)Be sure to credit me or Purchase a License.
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